Modeling & Simulation

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Summit TRC supports the design, development, verification & validation, sustainment, and execution of all-digital simulations and simulation tools to provide a comprehensive understanding of system performance in a variety of scenarios.
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Radars & Sensors

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Summit TRC has subject matter expertise in the areas of radar and sensors ranging from large surveillance radars to missile seekers.
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Systems Engineering

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Summit TRC understands that developing complex defense and space systems requires rigorous Systems Engineering across the entire system lifecycle.
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Software Development

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Summit TRC’s team is dedicated to innovatively designing, developing, deploying, and supporting software in an array of domains.
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Cybersecurity & IT

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Summit TRC’s team of professionals provide a comprehensive spectrum of cybersecurity and IT solutions. Leveraging experience in both commercial and DoD environments, Summit TRC has cutting edge solutions for cloud computing.
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Integration, Test, & Evaluation

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Summit TRC supports developed and developing systems by designing test architecture and scenario design, conducting pre-flight risk reduction analysis, and post-flight data reduction and analysis.
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